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Vegali at Citysearch

Dekko--Best Hair Salon in the City
I have been going to Dekko ever since they pretty much opened, it is by far the best salon in the city. I have been to many salons around town and have not yet found one that compares in personal care and quality service. Everyone there is very friendly and parking is never a problem.

Charlene W. at Yelp San Francisco, CA

Aron rocks!  great cuts and you get in / out on time.

Anne R. at Yelp San Francisco, CA

After trying 5 different salons with 5 hair cuts from so-so to yuck-o, I had put off getting my hair cut for 4 months out of fear of another bad experience. I finally broke down and decided to go to Dekko since it was the closest salon to my house. Everything about the experience was excellent. The salon itself is relaxing and hip. The reception was very helpful and sweet. They have great magazines and actually nice "Hair Books" for ideas while you wait with your complimentary tea or ice water. And that was all before the cut! The shampoo with Dax was really more of a mini-massage with great products. I can't believe he isn't a professional, he has such great hands. I was so relaxed I almost took a nap right in the sink!The cut with Scott was what I had been looking for for 2 years in the Bay Area. He listened to what I wanted, but wasn't  afraid to offer his professional opinion, and he actually looked at the type of hair I have naturally before cutting. It is the best haircut I've had in years - versatile, beautiful and chic. I am DONE looking for a new stylist!

Katherine B. at Yelp San Francisco, CA

I had my color done with Heather last week and I couldn't be happier. She took a lot of time with me and paid attention to every strand! She even shampoos and styles for you which is rare to get these days - usually it is delegated to a second party. I really felt relaxed and beautiful when I left - I had a head full of blonde, brunette and red highlights :) I definitely recommend this place - it is SAFE to get your color done with Heather.

Viv C. at Yelp San Francisco, CA

On my second visit to Dekko I got my hair colored/highlighted as well as cut and it was just as successful and fun as the first time. Nikki was my colorist, and like Joni, she was friendly as well as talented with her craft. I like to have stylists whom I can trust to do their thing after I've given a general direction of my look. They're artists so one should let them have the freedom (within reason) to create and do what you're paying them to do. I walked into Dekko with no idea what direction I wanted my hair color to be. After a ten minute consultation with Nikki, we settled on bright red highlights tastefully placed with minimal maintenance required. Nikki also worked with Joni to place the highlights in areas shown off with my layered cut. I have to give Nikki a ton of credit for 1) knowing the right questions to ask me to nudge me in this less conventional direction for my hair 2) pulling it off and making it look amazing! Thank you sooo much! I'm so happy with it. As for my cut, Joni listened to my input and once again, gave me a great cut with the versatility to wear it straight or curly. She's a great communicator who made sure that my initial suggestion to go shorter was what I really wanted (it wasn't, I didn't realize how short it would have been.) Thanks for knowing my style! It's official, I have found a salon! These ladies are worth the $$!

christin a. at Yelp San Francisco, CA

Jules is the one and only person who can cut hair in SF.  It's not a myth, it's true.  She is the Queen of Cool, she knows what is hip and edgey (but not weird) and she is just an incredible, incredible haircutter.  I wont let anyone else in SF cut my hair.  I have had some great cuts while in LA and NYC too, I must admit but, for San Francisco, you really should go to no one else but Jules.  Every place else (Di Pietro, Cinta, Joseph Cozza, Posh) has haircutters that will charge you a lot but always disapoint.  I won't let anyone else in San Francisco cut my hair.

Autumn R. at Yelp San Francisco, CA

I just did the Japanese Hair Straightening treatment at Dekko with Jodi. I am so excited and happy with the results. My hair looks amazing and I'm pleased to know that it will look like this for at least a year before I have to get it redone! The hair straightening is a really long process. It took Jodi about 4 hours to do my hair which falls bellow my bust. I had a lot of trouble scheduling such a huge chunk of time but Jodi was even nice enough to come in on a Sunday when the salon is closed just to work on me! I had been looking into cheaper options when it came to the straight-perm. I know there are salons in Japan town and Millbrae, but after seeing a friend's botched job at a cheaper salon, I decided to put my hair in expert hands rather than risk the uncertainty of a cheap salon, I'm glad I made that choice. Dekko offers really reasonably priced cuts as well. Joni (yep there's both a Jodi and a Joni on site), did a great job and I think it only ran me $65. I've payed a lot more for much less professional work.

Danielle S. at Yelp San Francisco, CA

Stylist Jill Tucci has been cutting and coloring my hair for about 7 years now. She is a true artist who instantly knew how to improve the way my hair looked from when I began going to her until now. I presently have fairly long hair and I owe it to Jill for how healthy it looks. She taught me how to work with and take care of my hair. I have even turned friends and family onto her - all of  whom are now very satisfied return customers. With this, I have noticed that she can apply her skills to all types of people, hair, and cuts - from straight to curly, punk-rock to conservative. She is able to shape and style to best suit her clients' desires and personal assets. She is quite precise and takes her time with each cut. My hair has some wave. She cuts my hair to maximize the natural body while making sure it looks great when straightened. That brings me to Jill's latest endeavor - she has recently been trained in Brazilian Blowouts. I have seen her do this on my friend's hair and she does a fantastic job with that as well. And for a good price too. I plan on trying it out this fall. Finally, Jill is simply a great stylist and sweet person. She makes you feel comfortable and at ease when in her care. She is kind and mellow and easy to talk to - but also easy to just to sit quietly with so you can watch her masterful work. Highly recommended!
Great, relaxing salon

cgphilli78 at Citysearch

I've been going to Dekko for a while now and my haircut always comes out awesome. I recommend Aron, my stylist to all my friends who are tired of their boring haircuts. Everyone at the salon is always really nice and helpful, plus the massages are great!! With lots of free parking and right off the freeway, I can't recommend them enough.
Pros: Stylish haircuts, Free street parking, Relaxing enviroment

imperalhostess at Citysearch

Stop looking for the best place to get a haircut & color - you've found it!
I absolutely love Dekko salon. I'm dead fussy and been spoiled by only going to the best for as long as I can remember - why expect less, I say. Reception are terrific, totally sweet. Jodi does my color and getting that right blonde makes all the difference - if you're blonde you know exacly what I mean. She is right on the ball. Jules has been cutting my hair forever, in more countries than one. She needs no explanation! Dax - excellent head massage. Overall tip-top place.

Pros: Easy parking, great service

texas t. at Yelp San Francisco, CA

First, let me say that I am *extremely* invested in my hair. Like the biblical personality that I most identify with is Samson - cut/color it wrong, and I will feel totally disempowered and want to make your house fall down. Conversely, if you make my hair look amazing, I will love you forever. I love Heather forever. Heather is a corrective color genius, and I cannot say enough good things about her work. I'd been coloring my (long, wavy, coarse, super-thick) hair black for ten years, and I wanted to go back to my natural color (strawberry blonde) without sacrificing the length. It took two epic appointments (six hours each) six weeks apart, and I now have a gorgeous ginger shade with well-placed, natural-looking highlights that match my new growth. The process definitely dried out my hair, but with some adjustments to my regime (I broke up with my blowdryer and my shampoo), it's never looked better. Heather is a skilled colorist, a great listener, super personable, and there's no one else I would trust to apply a medley of smelly, color-altering substances to my locks. She is incredible. I am uploading before-and-after photos of my color. keywords: corrective color, black to blonde, hair dye removal, long hair, miracle worker

Teresa M. at Yelp Oakland, CA

Lucky did my coloring and Joni did my cut.  They were fabulous!  Everyone in the salon, from the receptionist to the stylists were super nice and gave really great cuts/coloring.  I love the fact it's close to the freeway since I'm coming from the East Bay.  AND free and very easy street parking - need I say more!

latkinson at Citysearch

The BEST Salon in SF
Lucky has done such an awesome job on my highlights for the past couple of years... SHE ROCKS! She recently suggested going a little darker and I love my new lowlights! Also I look forward to the washing of my hair because of the head massage I get. They're prompt with my appointment time and always offering me something to drink. Scott cuts my hair with such looks GREAT every time. I'm always satisfied. He will offer recommendations which always end up making me happy! Big Bonus... tons of parking in Potero

Pros: Friendly Staff, Parking, Excellent Color & Cut

sarah j. at Yelp San Francisco, CA

I had the perfect hair stylist when i lived in arizona, so when i moved here i had to go on the search for my new five star place. it took 3 places and about 2 years before finding dekko and now i'm so happy! i've gone (i think) three times now, with Jodi for color and Aron for cut. so far all three times my hair turned out PERFECT!!!! I always get somewhat crazy red colors and Jodi always gets it exactly right and i love it. The color always fades really nicely too. Aron is great because i never really know what i want, so i can just tell him some stupid request that makes no sense and he turns it into something awesome that looks great and lasts a really long time. And he'll do free bang trims. Also he's really funny and nice to talk to. Another thing worth mentioning is that the salon is SUPER nice. i love the hip, modern, chic decor and the actual architecture is awesome, with the spiral staircase and huge windows. LOVE IT!

Amy H. at Yelp Mill Valley, CA

Lucky and Jules are my "go-to" girls. Lucky is awesome with color-- gets it right every time and is so fun to chat with too. Jules is a pro, I leave it to her discretion to tell me what looks best and I'm always happy when I leave. For me, I could not think about leaving either one of them, if they moved on I don't know what I'd do. My aunt goes to the same two stylists. She turned me on to Jules and I turned her on to Lucky and we both couldn't be happier!

Emily T. at Yelp San Francisco, CA

All I want for Christmas is a haircut from Dekko!  Errr in another few months that is.   For the price of one haircut I got: a stellar cup of tea, a killer cranial massage from Dax and a haircut from Scott that has me blushing with compliments  All this while rocking out to the Lykke Li album.  Can everyday be Dekko day?
If you're looking for just a basic cut, go to Dekko. If you want to do something more, go to Dekko. I don't think you can go wrong and you definitely get what you pay for.

kdhoward at Citysearch

great hair cut
I drive from Pleasanton to get my hair cut. Scott always does a great job. Definately worth the extra driving.

kumuki at Citysearch

I just wanted to let you know that the service at your salon is wonderful. I had my first visit last month, on a Saturday, the receptionist was very accommodating and down to earth, unlike many in such positions. The cut and style Jill gave me was very skillful, precise, professional and stylish without being trendy. They are truly professionals here, plus the environment is modern and clean.
Thank you Dekko for the good experience!

Pros: Professional, Accommodating, Skillful

PF D. at Yelp San Francisco, CA

This review is specific to Heather for color. I've been to Heather twice now and both times the results were absolutely perfect. I have very stubborn gray which other colorists have had a hard time with, sometimes having to re-dye after my hair is rinsed. Heather has handled it without a hitch. She asked me all the right questions, paid attention to what I said, and was very careful not to leave dye on my face. She's also fun to talk to while I'm in the chair. As a bonus, she gave me a really nice neck massage while she was rinsing me. And I'm a CMT, so I'm a good judge.

Helen I. at Yelp San Francisco, CA

Joni is awesome. I came in this summer with nasty long grown-out hair and gross grown-out bangs. I found a picture of a super-short asymmetrical bowl-shaped cut, and Joni worked with me to customize how I wanted my style to look. I loved it, and the other stylists seemed to be complimenting Joni on her work too, so I guess that's good. Alas, now my haircut is growing out, but I think I have converted to short hair for life. Long hair is such a hassle in comparison haha. I definitely plan to return for another sweet haircut as soon as I can. Also, they stock Prive hair products.

Joyce S. at Yelp Palo Alto, CA

I LOVE Jill and Aron at Dekko! I have the pleasure of being able to walk downstairs to get my haircut from these guys -- both have done an awesome job on my hair (and my boyfriends) over about 2 years now! The folks at this place are really laid back, with no pretentious attitudes. They're also very dog friendly!! Not only have I been happy with my cuts -- which range from a short bob with bangs to long layers -- but my boyfriend's cuts, as well (Aron does great job of cutting his hair *without* clippers...just scissors). Even though I've moved to NYC now, I plan on going back to Dekko whenever I'm in SF. Bonus: For all you SFers, the streets outside Dekko have plenty of parking (no exaggeration), and now you can take the T line down 3rd, if you feel like commuting.

Rebecca O. at Yelp San Francisco, CA

I've been a very satisfied Dekko client for almost 5 years. My hair team of Jodi (colorist) and Jill (stylist/cut) is nothing short of exceptional. These two transform my naturally wavy, dishwater blonde, unruly, thick hair on a regular basis. Jill meticulously sculpts my long hair, removing the weight which allows my waves to really show. What I absolutely love is that it makes styling my hair at home so simple. It only takes me 5 minutes to look great. Jodi always adds the perfect balance of low and highlights that warm my color to a beautiful, and very natural looking, golden blonde. The support staff is also wonderful. Heather and Dax give soothing scalp massages during your shampoo. Finally, it's a real treat to always find easy parking here no matter when your appointment is. Love, love, love Dekko!

shersaw at Citysearch

Best Salon Talent in San Francisco
Jules and Jodi are your No. 1 team in the city if you're looking for perfectly shaded highlights to compliment your complexion (Jodi) and a cut (Jules) that frames your face with the longest grow-out time ever. You will always leave Dekko Salon feeling a million times better than when you arrived. Ttry to get Dex to do your wash your hair as he also expertly massages away any neck and head tension. Chris at the front desk is always professional and welcoming and very, very sweet. You'll love the Dekko Salon experience. And if you can believe it, there's all this and parking, too.

binabrat at Citysearch

i've been going to dekko since they opened! I will follow Jodi ANYWHERE in the world! And I have! Jodi ROCKS, I can't say enough good things about her. and the salon and the rest of the staff are amazing as well. cheers to a wonderful place to get pampered!

ejoycekim at Citysearch

The Very Best!
Dekko salon is THE BEST! I could not live without Jules and Jodi. People ask me all the time where I get my hair done (been with Jules for over 8 years!) since they do such an amazing job. I highly (X10) recommend Dekko - it is the best decision anyone can ever make!

Pros: Great people, great ambience

hirabayashi at Citysearch

So Awesome
After moving away from my hair guru in NYC, I thought I was going to have to fly across the country get my hair cut. I've been to see Scott twice now, and I've deleted the other lady from my phone. My thick, crazy, unruly hair always looks phenomenal coming out of the salon, and manages to look even better after I wash it. who knew that was even possible? Scott knows the ins and outs of crazy hair, and takes the time to really look at it to cut it in a way that it will look great curly or straight without having to do anything but put a bit of product in it. Bumble and bumble who? My heart belongs to Dekko.

Pros: Super friendly staff, Parking, Hip stylists

armyofme at Citysearch

Cat's out of the Bag
What is it now? Two years running as the Best in the Bay? I still stand by Jules and Jill at Dekko. They are the best at what they do and I trust them completely with my hair. In fact I trust them with my parents hair. My folks came for only their second visit since I moved out here 9 years ago. And one of the first things I did was treat them to a Styling Day by the Bay. They are still talking about the wonderful haircut and complete attention to detail that was spent.

Great Job, Jill!!!!!!

Pros: STYLE, scalp massage, products

suzymark at Citysearch

Hidden Gem at Yelp
I have been going to Scott since his days at A&H and have always been happy with every haircut he has given me. Scott (like the rest of the staff) is friendly, down to earth, not pretentious, creative and takes his craft seriously. After my first appointment I have always given him carte blanche and have never been disappointed. He is flexible and has often times offered to squeeze me in and/or come in on his days off.

Dax by far gives the best shampoo/head massages in town. Prices are very competitive with those of "top" salons in downtown SF, but without the attitude and assembly line atmosphere. If the Portrero Hill location sounds daunting, it's not--PLENTY of street parking out front and an $8 cab ride from the Financial District.

Pros: Creative, Relaxed, Professional

mimimomi at Citysearch

Very personal, very good service.
Jules, Jodi, Aron, Scott ... they all are friendly, hip professionals. A few years ago, a friend said, "You must stop going where you'e going and go here." I took her advice and never looked back!

Pros: scheduling is easy, cuts easy to maintain, color is beautiful

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